and oy tolked ina breh-tish accen’ agayn tahdai, eht’s been awhayle thus eht wahs noyce.
[cough] in school and the only energy we had was to look up pictures of marvelous food like

and pretend there was some wonka-vision thing equivalent to computers

and if i had a camera i’d take a picture of the skirt i made today with newspapah printish fabric from the fabric district? in LA. what a great district to be. i’m getting very well aquianted with the sewing machine-we hardly ever fight anymore

and i’d take some of the glasses because they’re hunky-dory and you’re luvvly-jubbly and in my religion we believe the two should be united

and they’re here again. my mom was polite to the jehovah’s witnesses so they come to our house every day. and she tried to shake them off but they’re determined so we just have to pretend we’re not home anymore

and you?

and this may seem like an ed!t but it’s not. anything but. i dont know if anyone reads lyrics. i’ll just sneak them in here

Bright Eyes-Poetic Retelling of an Unfortunate Seduction
The language in the dimmer rooms
Seems to represent the light source well
How soft they speak and seem to be at peace
With the movement of the music and the madness
That is pulling me into this
And the shades of the lamps are woven red
The light, it stains and consecrates
Anointing all forgotten forms
That swirl and smoke and haunt this place
The girls in gowns all nurse the dark
Pulling it near to their swelling breasts
And watch as it seeps to their hearts
And beats within their virgin chests
And here I know seduction breeds
From wanton hearts that would seduce
And grows and spreads its vine and leaves
Embracing those who might have moved
But now remain to drink the night
From vials black and thick with steam
Such intoxicating delights
That leave you drunk inside this dream
And you watch them take the light from you
And you find yourself
On a velvet couch
Tasting the skin of a foreign girl
Her eyes are black
And wet like oil
And she ties your hands with a string of pearls
And you tremble like a frightened bird
As she closes in and captures you
To place you in the silver cage
Deep within her poisoned womb
And once you’re safe inside
She might let you out to fly
In the circles around the room
But it’s always night
And there is no moon
And you wonder if you are alive
And you’re not sure if you want to be
But you drank her sweat like it was wine
And you lay with her on a bed of blue
And it’s awful sweet
Like the fruit she cuts and feeds to you
i might as well put a couple other things; look at the size of her buttons
cool urban fashion clothing


8 thoughts on “

  1. Jehova’s Witnesses scare me.  So do Mormons. 
    That chocolate cake thing looks delicious.  Just like you gov’nah.

  2. haha love the brit accent.. reminded me of that movie, my fair lady. = ]
    i still have no luck with getting a sewing machine anytime soon.. but i’m glad youre making friends with yours. must see that skirt you made ma’dam! d(^-^)
    i had some chocolate cake earlier.. i don’t care much for cake but it was from costco. it was just right.. not to sweet.. yum.
    hahah so sorry about those jehova’s witnesses. my family always pretends like we’re not home too. well have a lovely day “mate”. <— i added mate to have an accent too.. = ]

  3. Dear Lassie-
    Ow awre ya?  Mmmm…. if Wonka Vision were a reality… we’d all be fat kids!  Yeah it was the cute Japanese kid…  Haha- today has been a grand ole’ opry if I should say so myself!  I hope yours was just as well! 

  4. i like big buttons. lol so cute… but i don’t want to go to michaels/joans and spend like 5 bucks for 4.
    haha anthony and me alredy so look alike.. = ] well no not really. but im i’m going to dye my hair light brown and he is too!!! >=  he is always trying to take away my idears!
    i’ll shop around these thrift stores for you.. lol i can ship all the clothes/shoes and what not off for you. lol maybe i should buy things and jazz them up and put them on ebay and like make 20 bucks a piece for each article of clothing i sell. that would be nice.. yes quite nice.
    good day lover

  5. haha… moms a jehovahs witness…and i have to go door-to-door…it aint fun. i get bitched at weekly.haha

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