i lost my glasses on this mountain. [whew good thing i dont lose things much, or my parents would keep a scorecard. oh wait…] so i’m learning to navigate around blindly again. its crummy being in LA when you can’t see. new ones tomorrow i guess.   we were invited to a barbecue (nevaarr) but a couple five year olds and shishkabobs later it’s at our house now..my parents are plotzing; he just dropped a crate of eggs on the ground   i miss liz whom i have not seen since school ended  want to go button hunting with her amongst other things.   i love tambourines but i always get accordians mixed up with harmonicas


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  1.  ^wow..was that your boyfriend or something..didja guys break up or somessing?  (jkjkjk)  Beebe, haven’t i told you to be nice in the sandbox and share?  lovely dear, we should go on quests (picnic ones) for buttons all over the world..we could find the spiffiest ones i bet.  actually, I bet we’d make the niftiest buttons ever and make a whole wad of ue-niquitative (original…made it up) drapery…ho hum the button business!
    cheer up dear..i hate losing glasses as well

  2. I can’t believe your walking around without your glasses. I lost mine 3 times here, every time my mom made a point of saying how irresponsible I am. lolNot here there yet I am coming back the 19th. At this point I am quite ready to go home. I haven’t started on that stupid book founding brothers. All I know is a cover with a picture of a few old dead guys sure isn’t gonna make you go “WOW”. But then again there is the whole “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. Well see you soon. Byes

  3. Things haven’t ben much better her. My cousins-with-all thir cuteness have gotten totally on my nerves. Th oldest one has made it her personal mission to stalk me. Honestly, who in their right mind would stalk me? The most intresting I do is brush my teeth. lol
    Sorry about open mic night being a bummer. Guess we will have to find an alternative that is parent acceptable. Anyway I CAN’t WAIT TO GET BACK. I MISS HOME. I MISS MY DAD AND MY ROOM AND MY PC AND MY INTERNET. and you and kari of course.
    missing you alot

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