ooo ahh, please pass the MOD



that’s all. i dont know whether to thank or blame twiggy


5 thoughts on “

  1. hello darling!that is such a cute top you made! ❤ have fun making the other two. good job.. you deserve a 1up! d(^o^)ooooh i love the song on your xanga. hopefully i dont get tempted into stealing it… = lol i probably will though. so sorry… (>o<)/i too really like that whole mod look. i have this little black mod dress with white on the neck and sleeve part. i can’t really explain it though… = but i really like the whole color tight things too. today when i was thrift store shopping with my sister i seen this really cute black mod dress.. only like 12 bucks. lol i just thought i’d tell you.. no real reason. let us be known as the “retro kids”! lol = ] night love ❤ 😉

  2. Thanks for the comments love. You don’t know how much I look forward to them, I have a special time and everything to check up on your comments. :)Sorry about the whole ives thing, seriously I am a bit devastated about the whole way things went down. Sorry about the whole letdowns, letdowns suck. sorry “conor like vibe” was a letdown, guys like that are better to look at then in realityHope you and Kari get along a bit better, summer plays games with our minds. Overall everything is alright we are coming back july 19th, but jetlack will be bad obviously so it will probably take two-three days to get it back on track. Getting a bit bored of some of my baby cousins, but ah I must admit they are really cute. Hows the whole andrew band thingy? I am quite curious about it. Seems intresting especially with the whole exhibit A, but keep your mind open. Guy friends seem so much better. Can’t wait to talk to you on aim and do things. One last thing I LOVE THE SHIRT YOU MADE. One more thing my aunt might be getting married soon, obviously not a sure thing but we met the guy today and he seems pretty nice. Well see how it all goes down. lolLOVE LOTS (as usual) ~shrub

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