uhmumum listing listing one two three. attention: this is just a list. on mondays and tuesdays i’m volunteering at the library which surprisingly has many young people working there so it’s not that bad. there’s also an amusing neurotic lady but that goes without saying. and then to suck more of the summerness away summer school’s wed.thurs.fri., but bangers is in my class so it’s alright. but only alright. all we learn in that class is how to copy and paste things onto word. oh! oh! and the teacher has made me her speshal helper! and announced it to the class so, i better stall and not finish assignments first anymore. after that jules and i walked around before open mic night and saw the stepford wivesish new houses built by our school and the new markets. it’s so socal.

oh just like those palm trees at school which have been cut to half their former size. i’m sure there’s good symbolism in there somewhere..trees being supressed and forced into our height expectations instead of growing freely. kind of like school?

then i played at oh-so-obsolete open mic night. no details there except i was bad, not even in the bad entertaining way. but no longer virgin to the stage am i, there’s a good chance i’ll be doing it again. ariel and i then sort of founded the street team to get more people. i was v.disappointed at the lack of appreciation from the actual people who run open mic night. only heard lots of complaining about their poor lives of eating breadcrumbs but then where’d they get the effing money to buy tickets to these concerts they go to. well i sort of understand – priorities.

looks like curiosa’s the only one not cancelled that i may attend

“i’d start an existentialism club but there’d be no point to”

on saturday there was the del mar fair all day, first time for me. this weekend was just full of firsts. once again, picture moment if i had a camera. sheesh, it’d be so easy to throw in a few pictures with captions instead of describing it. so i wont. it was fairy (teehee). then after lunch all the used scene people begam arriving. i cannot tell a lie, i saw the free concert and even thrashed around. it seems that whenever i’m exhausted i like to run amok and see how much more energy i can expell until i collapse. then i collapsed.

shirt that was once dad’s. made le tigre today and planning modest mouse

subtract a lawn, add staring asian children=houses by our school

i had more to write today but with your best interest in mind, there’s the condensed version


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  1. Sorry love for not repling in a while damn apttobad the electricity goes so much so naturally the internet connection sucks. My grandparents are alright. My grandmother is a somewhat painter, shes been recognized a bit and such so she thinks shes really awesome, so the moment she found out i liked art she started filling me with advice that was as useless as the hut houses are. lol actually they aren’t hut houses, these houses are straw huts that contain straw. Sorry i seem so ramblish… I’v been trying to think of stuff to take pictures of for you but everything is pretty different so it’s hard to take a picture of everything lol. (just for the record no one has laughed at my urdu once);). Well one more big thing, nothing rally but… a small tad of gossipy fliry me (obviously a weird side of me), anyway i’ve noticed that the guys(or apprentices) at the clothing shops are quite pretty looking, obviously no actual contact has been made with these strange beautfiul beings with blue eyes, my kind of skin color and brown hair. I’ll try to capture a picture of them but it’ll be hard…I am up for a challenge 🙂 Well glad to know open mic has been alright. you kicked ass i just know it and i am sure ives (wink) was impressed. say hi to ariel for me, and take kari care of kari for me. love lots as usual~shrub

  2. I like your shirt.And it wasn’t a surprise for me finding out I was a mistake. After all, my sister is 10 years older than me and my brother is 7 years older than me.Lizzie

  3. put a picture of your beautiful face on here! i loovvee the shirt. you must let me borrow.true friendship, indeed.so sebastian is looking hotter than ever. i have issues. i met this other guy named michael.. we talked about lip rings, sex and bananas. long story.my lip piercing swelled up so i had to close it. damn damn damnit!ever gonna im me?!<333

  4. no prob, sorry for all the spelling and grammer errors.though lol you should be used to them by now, no time sorry. ~lots of loveshrub

  5. you are my favorite friend via xanga.(don’t tell the others.)
    if we meet in real life and become real life friends, a small part of the earth might explode. cool.
    hurry and get a camera so that you may further rock my world.

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