i win, game over.

 that reminds me. you know what i also (first thing remains a mystery) hate? and love. the board games with the mom/dad/son/daughter wearing their generic solid color shirts (each with own color. because they never learned to share. and a matching game piece) and straight white teeth. the dad was just old enough and the mom matronly enough and son mischievious enough and daughter pretty enough. so we wouldnt be too intimidated. and believe that playing the game would make us just as insipid. >< thought about that too much. all started when i wanted to wreck their teeth

WHOA my computer just called me a loser, no joke. i guess some form of a popup that didnt pop up, just auditory. i thought we already talked about this. still, kinda sad when your appliances mock your social status


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  1. you win, alright, but i get everything else. my dear, how does summer treatist thou? my familias at sea world and here i am, typing to the awesomest friend ever…totally worth it. i feel rich because im wearing coco thats black and my hair smells nice, it runs straight stick like down my back and boy does it feel good to wear the big green jackets lined with grey fur in the summer. im scarfed and pants’d. hope you are too

  2. You know what I hate? How my mom just pops up behind me when I’m on the computer, just watching to see what i’m doing. A lot of the times I don’t even notice her because she sneaks up.Oh, The perfect, yet not perfect, family. I know what you mean.Lizzie

  3. I used to think that if you won monopoly you would turn into that rich guy with the monocle.  I was sadly mistaken.
    I think that the computers are coming to life because occasionally mine will whistle at me in a very suggestive way.  I never know whether to be creeped out or flattered.  How do you tell a computer that you don’t think you’re meant to be together?

  4. really your going to playat open mic? it’s so shocking and crazy it migt just work to woo over him… lol. well i’ll be sad i ddin’t see this friendship emerge, I am sort of fond of watching the whole growing friendalier relationship thing. pathetique as it is (old groups fault) no prob about liz where is she anyway? did she go somewhere too? It rained badly here, it was actually really nice there were iceballs falling in the middle of the humidity which was very rare and pretty fub to play in. Everything else is bascially ok. Today we might be going to aptabad. see you soon. as always love lots~shrub

  5. lol i like that game… or well i dunno if that is the game but i like making those circle thingies. lol i broke the main circle so now i cant do it anymore…your condolences plese… = hahaim sorry if i made you like clothes and flats and errr just clothes. i dont know if that is a bad thing.. lol but clothes are so much fun. hahah (= lol.. youre no loser! just a cool cat!cheers my dear pal/sister/love! lol i could be really cool if i say.. mi amor! lol i dunno if i spelt that right.. but um good day puffin!

  6. i wish i was a real loser so people would leave me alone.sebastian is my favorite name for a guy. i met a guy named sebastian yesterday. he came up to me and said hello and i was like WHY HELLO. cause he is hot. it was very cool. i wonder if i’ll ever talk to him again?but yeah. i moved recently. i lived in visalia for almost 5 or 6 years, then moved to stockton 6 months ago. suuuucks.<333heh heh. computah!

  7. i so have that spirograph. maybe the box is different. i think the girl is wearing a jumper and a yellow turtleneck. but i could be wrong.
    malazar is an entity of hate for high schoolers in their high school ways. he wreaks havoc on mankind. it suits him. he also…is genderless. and he’s also kind of my friend kaitlin that is my druglord. of music and movies. who gets concert tickets. yes, malazars are few and far between. you can’t just go rent one from malamart. so i don’t really know what to tell you. but i wish you all the luck in this crazy mixed-up space rock that you shall find one.
    as for this whole hormone-y scariness, it is allready creeping up upon me. and with the present complicated circumstances, i don’t think that i can run. it will leave me alone for a while atleast. i think so. and when it comes i’m spinning around in circles and then taking a good solid nap.

  8. that was a compliment of the biggest sorts. won’t freak you out by telling you i’m bi. haha oops i did. so if you’re ever curious, what are friends for? if i had a lesbian lover, i’d want her to have your personality.but on to sebastian. i saw him today and i can’t get over his face. he’s just beautiful and reminds me of someone so much but i couldn’t tell you who.i just watched a movie called three blind mice. amazing british film with a very sad ending that made me cry, and i don’t cry over those things. but you know. it was grand.i’ll be around.<33

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