jessica’s birthday, i think i spent more time with everyone except jessica  but it was brill. pool-age, opposite sexes battering each other with beach balls – before you gasp, no i didn’t go swimming. i’m loopy, not suicidal. those who didnt swim tanned, cept i looked for places so i wouldn’t. and ate. boy did i eat a lot. i’ve been doing that too much. [maria, lady who tells me what to do when i volunteer-“fat is not beautiful. don’t let yourself get fat when you’re old, just look at us”. what, fat is not beautiful!? those magazines have been lying like a rug] they went into the hot tub and played some game that made everyone blush. i ate. then there was a field trip, single filed line and everything, when they went to rent movies.

i pulled on the invisible cape and went to open mic night to see off madiha going to pakistan. lots of fun was had-the poor comedian probably thought madiha was going to steal his job, with all the times she cut in and made jokes when he was talking. well not probably, he made it quite clear. but i’ll be forever grateful to him for making this one brilliant joke *secret evil laugh*. in the middle of ivan’s song [cue angels ahhing] mad had to go so we hugged and kissed and other non-PG13 things-ed [not really, i wish] and said bye.

back to jeska’s thing where they were finishing kill bill (doh) and maya suggested the ‘in my pants’ game that was the subject of discussion for the rest of the night. guess what else i did? ate! lai and i [whee another rhyme] got drunk on wrapping paper, debated how lovely the sky was, toasted marshmallows on her face, and after i had a couple hilarious games of fooseball with kim.

i guess it’s the sort of thing most people write about in their journals

ed!t: i think i’ll go to lollapalooza; wont someone join me? well i’m off to learn more complete songs so if open mic’s deserted again.. XD

c-c-cancelled?  i dont think my delicate heart is going to be able to take this. if i was sufficiently emo i’d be writing a nice song to cry to


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  1. Wow, that sounds great. Really. No, you’re wrong about how that’s what people would write in their entries. You forgot to add all the “omgs” and the misspellings, and all the grammer mistakes. And of course the just plain bad writting.
    Get it right next time!

  2. YOU BETTER not play without me there. SO glad you replied deaR. hONESTLY I AM ON AIM RIGHT THIS MOMENT AND YOUR NOT F-ING HERE AND LET ME TELL YOU RIGHT ABOUT NOW I AM ABOUT TO HIT YOUR BLOODY HEAD. gosh internet is so hard to get access to and here i am selling my arm to get the internet AND your not on. lol i still love you though love. i sor of started writing a letter to you not ey good but i still have plenty of time i’ll probably write most of it in aptabad(sleepy boring place my grandparents live) so i’ll have plenty of time there. food has been delicious here, we ate out yesterdaY it was wayyy too much fun. On a happier note I almost got run over my a motorbike today good thing my aunt practically saved my life. bless her. all in all see you soon. byes love lots~shrubglad to know I am in your xanga, and remmber no playing without me I am wayyyy too xcitied. byes toodles and allahahafis

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