nnnoo there wasnt enough room for me, ME, in summer school. i hate it when plans go kapooey, i better get damn good at sewing this summer. a lot of mates went away on escapades today  international, no less. but other than that it was the third best day of my life. if there was someone who spent every friday night in an empty coffee shop would you think they were a wanker (in this case a nicer word for loser)? [not a rhetorical question; i wait]


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  1. hey.. new site. (one one = abulletisadisgrace.)
    actually i think dyed black hair looks a lot different than natural black hair. i think you should try it just to do it. it’s not expensive or anything if you do it yourself. plus your hair can just grow itself back out and you won’t be able to notice. i have naturally dark blonde hair, so i have to dye mine when the roots start coming out at all. bleh.
    conor oberst <3.. my eyes keep sliding to the other side of the screen.
    talk to you later.

  2. haha you’re funny.
    a lot of things have been made off of that book, although they will never come out right and say it. watch a lot of angsty teenage movies – like… per say…. i’m trying to think here… i don’t know, movies that revolve around high school dealing with drugs, sex, gay issues, and drinking and family life (embarrassing and the like). this book is pretty much the epitamy of that (i think that’s the right word? who cares.).. yep.
    what’s your name/where are you from?
    the pumpkins are awesome… and billy is beautiful, but true, not as beautiful as conor. mm. conor.

  3. haha, how subtle you are. here’s the code, i’m sure you know how to adjust it to your liking with the pixelation and colour and such. i’m ashley (i’m sure you’ve figured that out) and i live in stockton. i’ve only being to san diego twice in my whole life.. it’s hot there. it’s cold here. i hate living near the beach sometimes.
    cya later.

  4. the stupid code won’t fucking stay. i have no idea why. i paste it then submit it and bleh. if you trust me enough with your password i will put it in your box if you’d like. or i can email it to you. just let me know.

  5. what the hell is knnniggets? i can e m a i l it to you .. hahaha. oh jeez. i’m a loser. how did you get the ad to be at the bottom?

  6. oh and thanks for the elephant liking i stole the picture from damien rice’s site (gorgeous, irish, AND talented.. who could ask for more?) and put the save the elephants thing under it because i went on this whole SAVE THE ELEPHANTS campaign the last couple weeks before school. it had a drawing of a retarded elephant and everything. once i get my scanner back i’ll send you the most retarded one i drew. it’s hanging on my door.

  7. the people at my school describe this sentence perfectly:”People talk a whole lot. Usually a whole lot of NOTHING AT ALL.”

  8. Obviously I had to comment, being as itsagrind was the third best day of your life. lol way too much fun there actually. Glad I was mentioned. First day here at Pakistan. Note to self: staying up for 36 hours sucks. But anyway it’s pretty awesome here my cousins are awesome and killer-ly(made up word) funny, they all speak my native language so it’s a bit hard but mostly i get the message out, I have yet to take a picture with sheeps and chickens.love lots

  9. i would spend nights in the coffee shop. i’d go for the coffee. i like coffee. loser is the new cool, don’t you know? well it is. because whatever i think is cool is cool, officially. and i deem you worthy of the title of cool. later, cool.

  10. well, first i’d start by asking for a handshake. i kind of has to evolve from there. the first one lasted a long time because he said “FIRM!” and also he was drunk. jut don’t let go of that hand. and the drunkeness helps.
    good new word. i avoid loser too, because the meaning varies. depends who you’re with. and as to the coffee shop ordeal. were you waiting for the one mate with the rockstar hair? because that bloke sounds worth it. if i found a boy to wait around for, i would. i’m just now getting used to the fact that i am, infact, a teenage girl. and the things that come with that… they make me feel stupid. but you and i, we are a different breed. a horse of a different color.

  11. so sorry you cant go to summer school…=
    have fun getting better at sewing. i need tooooo get better at sewing toooo. = ] hopefully i get a sewing machine.. lol make the jobs less painful on my fingers.
    oh yes and hopefully you get a camera too. you take neat pictures… they keep me in awe. haha.. :@)
    pin a rose on your nose. :@)
    you should listen to the walkmen. they’re really good… better than good awesome!
    and no i dont think someone who spends every friday night at a coffee house is a “wanker”…. they just enjoy coffee. lol oh and thank you for liking the pictures… i have more coming sooon… but anthony is toooo lazy to send them to me. arghh… alright good day dear! ❤

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