what a bloody cricket of a day. feels like i’m in a bad melodramatic teen show. hopefully tomorrow will improve, being fancy dress day and all.

– do you hear that? tis summer
– apparently the ode was to someone named “jo[h]n with the hair”.
– i intend to make a deal with god to extend summer indefinately so i wont have to face the hell that is junior year.
– doh’ i judge others way too much based on music taste. realization through looking at sites of poor poor kids from school. do you know how many have a hoobastank song up, do you? [it’s even become dangerous to voice negative opinions about them, and the like] makes up when i treat people i agree with like the gods they are though, doesnt it? oh yes beebs

a couple memorable yearbook signings?

“Once upon a time there was a MAGICAL unicorn <picture of said unicorn> and the unicorn was VERY sad. Why? She (yes, it is a she now) was in true love (awww). BUT!! The dude she <3’d liked this one other dude. So they were like <picture of boy loving> Boy that is so HOT!!! I don’t really know what happened.”
“It’s a crazy backwards universe where up is down and boy bands play instruments”
“it’s Monday morning and you just walked in”
“ceramics has been the opposite of a nightmare with you. I’m sorry that when I hug you you flinch and try to get away”
“hi! You don’t know me, but you rule! Have an awesome summer! ß  typical yearbook entry sorry, I havent slept for 53 hours and I feel WEIRD! <screenname>” wonder who that was.
“I still owe you $30”


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  1. yearbook entries rule lol.  i love ariel’s lol the unicorn one. And mine “it’s a crazy backwards universe, wehre up is down and boy bands play instruments” TINO is way too cool. open mic night was fun, if we’d been there longer i would have MADE you play… but alas… i’ll miss you alot lovely, bye bye. STAY COOL OVER THE SUMMER <—- pathetique. But since i won’t see you until a month later i decided to make my mark on your xanga, however dumb it might be. I have alos decided to write a list of activites for you to do:
    a. make a movie b. make a movie, about making a movie c. eat d. no seriously eat e. eat funny things (see yr book for quick reference) f. go to people’s house g. watch their cable h. tape the WEEKENDERS i. after taping it watch it again j. use your knowledge (aforementioned notes) k. spout them off everywhere l. to everyone m. especially me n. update your xanga o. because that 20 minutes it took to load your site would be a waste p. expect me to comment q. if the lights don’t go off first r. then the process might countinue… unless i get distracted s. probably by a shiny button t. actually i doubt button.. more like a piece of dust u. and this kind of reaction from me ‘what is that? have you ever seen something like that?’ v. i might answer my own question. w. or i might get distracted yet again x. by a war y. in my brain z. and die… and miss you. *now you have a guide to summer, sorta*
    love lots,
    the woody

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