“we do not know what in the name of god’s arse is the purpose of potpourri. looks like breakfast, smells like your auntie.”

[shh, secret for you. my entries are getting increasingly meaningless and have nothing to do with me, beezer. i dont want to make it a to-do list or recap of my day nor do i have the talent to write some opinion article about our disintegrating society. or poems or lyrics. i know right now you’re thinking, dont think about it so much just write crap that comes to you. ok dear friend, i shall do that. now i’m glad i put this in parentheses, skip over this part. oy vey i was not made for writing journals of any kind, old fashioned or online]

i do hope the vines didnt cancel the concert in san diego . all i knows this summer better be miraculous and magickal and fantastickness or..orr…i will take this blade, and sink it into my, tofurkey



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  1. you don’t have LIGHTENING BUGS!?!? or basements. do you have coniferous trees, or are those not available in your region either? well, atleast you have other wonders not available here. i bet it’s not as gross and polluted and industrial either. my house is surrounded by dozens of unknown company headquarters it seems.
    i like your posts, and you. that’s why i keep on coming back, you see. tofurkey = tofo turkey? isn’t turkey good as is? i mean, they do make turkey dogs vs. hotdogs. nobody knows what hotdogs are anyways. tofu is magical because people make everything out of it. but i bet it’s boring to eat.
    stellastarr* congrats my friend! see, you have luck too. admire the lead singer’s chiseled features in the changing florescent lights, like i did.

  2. I don’t want to change your mind,I don’t want to change the world.I just want to watch it go by.I just want to watch you go by.We were young, darlingWe don’t have no controlWe’re out of control

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