ode to a school. mate.
hey you, the asian bloke with the rockstar hair and style, whom i’ve only sort of seen from the back. you’re an endangered species. everyone wants your blond-black-perfectly tousled plumes. i dig you

ed!t: it’s food. no, art, no food. it hurts your head. silly japeneseseses

Hamutarou bento


13 thoughts on “

  1. That was me…and I dig you right back.
    Hey kid, we haven’t talked in awhile.  I miss you, pretty.  Let’s not have this happen again y’hear?

  2. I dig your intrest in exhibit A. Awesome ode can’t wait til friday or…. everyday actually. love you lots. obviously!

  3. You don’t have summer now?    That’s sad, I’m sorry.  Whenever it comes though I bet it’ll be fab.  How could it not be, it’s summer!  woo woo!

  4. wow…theres this web thing that im totally not getting..im am so only your calc bud.  thats kinda sad.  and yah…i dig the whole hair-do thing too.   the not spiky thin bangs but the bang-y bangs.  it is pretty weird.  and remember how you’re going to be this famous “getting her hair beebe-fied” thing and when they run out of the bloody hair..you’ll just get extensions or school-mate-with-spiky-back-hair to glue on for the pure cricket of it.  and what about that sewing class…eh?

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