i forgot how much i loved those british transvestite sneaker pimps. this song took me a lifetime and a half to find

the winning days music video is so lovely. more than lovey, even for a nature abstainer like myself. my thesaurus says it’s whistle-bait. watch _it_ and maybe i’ll make you whistle-bait too; now that’s an offer you cant turn down.

my nose’s still in the books because i have three tests next week. then, freedom. but volunteering, summer school, and dad pestering me to learn chinese dampens things. dont want to be a junior either. who’ll join the circus with me!

had a good weekend, . hope you all do too

auuggh when will this bleedin pop-up realize that i don’t need a penis enlargement


<e> “attitudes are contaigious. is yours worth catching?” “shut the hell up” awww. </e>


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  1. hey bing. Glad about your awesome weekend, except maybe the part about the whole missing each other at you know. I would loved to have seen “there are no labels to discribe” him

  2. … Depends what I will do at the circus. I won’t bite the head off anything. It would be fun to be a strong man. *atempts to tear a phone book in half, gives up and tears a pile of napkins instead*.

  3. Good thing I got the new ym issue, romance issue. heres an intresting article I think teh title gives all the pathetiqeness away “How to have the perfect summer fling” lol. See with this baby well be set for life… or at least summer

  4. stay away from them degrading modern passtimes. balls on strings are better anyways. and boxes. man i love boxes.
    whoa if i don’t get to go to lollapalooza and witness the flaming lips in concert i’m going to cry-yi-yi.
    i hope you get your summer and that it doesn’t feel inferior to mine.

  5. oooh i love your background. this song is pretty neat too!i’ll join the circus with you… we can be part of the freak show!i too need to volunteer and i need a job! summer school shall be fun… well if i come out with all of my limbs!love you kiddo = ] bye

  6. yeah i bet your wang is already enormous……………….i want to go to lollapalooza SOOoOooOOOOO bad. holy shit.i ❤ you dear.

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