this new computer is so efficient. look, i’m watching tv, and now i’m making an entry. baffles my mind.  guess what i found out today, here’s a hint:

incentive to save money:
electric guitar
senior trip to europe


10 thoughts on “

  1. ok yes, parallel universe twin sistahs for certain. i say “sistah” in the least slang-like manner as possible. i can’t do slang without it being corny. i’m liking this music. thinking about trips to europe makes me salivate. there is a very good possibility that i will get to go to italy next year for spring break. good luck with the fundraising. you are real man, so real.

  2. a senior trip to europe yipee! It would be awesome. Imagine… hot guys…beautiful bristish guys…hot accents…GOOD food… and new surrounds to laugh at and appreciate. 

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