lo i want to go downtown with lai’s chinese “situational conversation handbook” and pretend i dont know english

careful of me

kim and i were playing british lingo scrabble when we saw the sign. who knew there was open mic night every friday at the coffee shop. it was fun, i think all five people in the audience liked it. one guy was really good at improvising among other things and the techie/host person had one of the *best vibes i’ve ever encountered.* i dig good vibes. unfortunately i cannot emanate them as gracefully. at this point i want you all to close your eyes and visualize the pictures i would’ve taken if i still had a camera. nice eh, that’s me on the left


2 thoughts on “

  1. ahhh your site looks too hot for words….. WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR MUSIC!!! ahh i’m going insane, i’ve been looking for this song online for the longest time and i haven’t found it! and i couldn’t find the last song you had on here… erf.. maybe i’m just unlucky like that :cries:
    i love you though.

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