liz and the dream of green converses


8 thoughts on “

  1. no, thank god for you and your xanga hottness.. you make my days happy. oOo what song is this? it’s delicious.

  2. you do the pizza thing too?? well i knew you were me in a parallel universe. which also makes you kind of julian casablancas in a different parallel universe (because i sure am). as for malazar, she’s my sistah, for certain. not my sister though, that’s “laurrylou” as we are from the same womb. physically, not cosmically.

  3. i kisss conor pictures with my tongue. they’re still kisses though…=]kidder i amno my xanga is too “happy”!!! i kid too much…way tooo much. ooh i liked that other song you had on here…..drunk kid a spaniard in spain.Rubbish…ignore ^^good day my love!!!!

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