[clapclap clapclap clapclap clapclapclap] strokes clap like no other. Except they dont because its drums pretending to be clapping. Kind of like a halloween for percussions..first costume I had was a cat..i despise cats..i enjoy tangents..

“are you allergic to cats?”
“no i just sneeze and get rashes when i’m around them”
“cats are her kryptonite. they should stuff them in cannons and shoot them at her. or get this pile of cat hair and threaten her with a leafblower.”

i dont have things to write. tried to get my friend to help me but as you will see, it didn’t quite work. unless you do become entertained, to which i say hooray! needless to say, we had no homework today.

-Who is the boy on the right hand of your site?
=that’s me. or my lover. both.
-Lets continue. I’ve noticed you have some very unique music on your site…would you tell us a bit about your music selection?
=you sound like effing barbara walters
-i am being professional here. and barbara walters is my inspiration….not really. but for the sake of this
=it changes almost every day because when i hear a song i get completely into it and then i want it on there. this repeats itself 4 or 5 times a day but i usually supress them unless they’re WIZARD
-you lord of the flies biter. wait … yes well thats very intresting
=*chuckles**chuckles more charmingly like nicole kidman*
-*glares at the obviously not as professional blook in front of her* and *glares* hmm..Where exactly are you from?
=i had a terrible childhood. brought up in the farms of southern china with 98 siblings, and a pet iguana that we later had to eat because we were too hungry. but i overcame these obstacles because i believed in myself and my aunt’s housekeeper’s bird told me i could do anything if i put my mind to it. i like to think that it made me a stronger person *smiles sadly*
-oh what an inspritaional story.
=yes. i tell all my fans this
-Later we will see pictures of this girls tragic life story but first please stay with us while we uncover THE MYSTERIES OF BEEBE


-So you had 98 siblings can you tell us some more about them?
=there was clem, clem, patsy,
-… ..
=well hold your horses there are 98 after all
-oh yes of course….
=robin, sparrow, monday, tuesday,
-*looks bored and wants to wring the neck of the girl sitting in front of her*
=and so on..you get the point. your usual chinese sibling names.
-ahh yes and what fine names they are. so would you mind telling us what happened to them?
=they started a band and are touring the netherlands
-all 98 of them? I believe they were called 98 degrees for a point? am i correct?
=*throws up on your good rug*
-I am sure you’ll be paying for that … right? cash or check?
=your mom


6 thoughts on “

  1. good babble there, cool kid.
    boy had braces late, the loser. but better sooner than later. i’m talking grown-ups with braces. scary.
    i don’t think i could go to osu. too party party for me. i’ll have to look into this little shop though. i’ll bet malazar knows of it.

  2. whoa i made it. i almost thought my internet was going to collapse on me again. haa sucker! ok but really, it makes me sad that it shuts down every time i come to this sweet sweet page.

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