oh those kryptonitic cats


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  1. i say dude a lot….haha. i feel like a loser now ::sniff:: ppl say fetch at my school…. but they say it in more like a ‘dang it’ way… like if they drop something they say ‘oh fetch’ or whateva. but yeah, it’s fetcher used as cool.

  2. lol i don’t really like saying dude that much…=] i think i sound like a surfer when it slips out of my mouth.i like your new background…its muy bein. oh forget my stupid spanish skills..arghhh i hate you spanish.why thankyou! i love ya too sister! indeed anthony better move over…=] bye bye love!!!

  3. Ahahaha! I love it! I like your new revamped website! I think I’m ready for a new revamp too. Things are soo weird! I’ll say ‘fetch’ but to remove ‘dude’ from my system would almost be a travesty. B*) It would be like me giving in to the succulant sounds of the all feared ‘boyband’! Yikes!

  4. its lovely here. i enjoy clicking on this link below your comment and being greeted by the cure and other such musical talents. sister suz is quite pleased with your xanga endeavors. 

  5. Hey there- haha* thanks for the comment! I think it was past time to redo my site! Time to throw out the old shit and bring in the new shit. Thanks for thinking my pic is ‘pwetty’ haha… you’re awesome!

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