ohfun here’s some rambling

dronkidcatholic: let’s tell a story together

lockupthesock: ok

lockupthesock: one day in north carolina a girl went outside the house.

dronkidcatholic: because she was hungry and she smelled the most delicious scent wafting out of a house on her street

lockupthesock it was a puddle

dronkidcatholic: there was a puddle of lemon drop custard/pudding on her sidewalk

lockupthesock: she got onto her knees and started to lick it.

dronkidcatholic: but halfway through the most beautiful boy walked by and gave her the meanest stare. though he still looked awfully beautiful doing it

lockupthesock: she tilted her head until she was staring into his enormous purple eyes

dronkidcatholic: she saw death in them. and promptly fainted

lockupthesock: she woke up with a headache, and was instantly alarmed when she felt rough hands on her arms

dronkidcatholic:after rubbing the sleep from her eyes she realized they were of the boy

lockupthesock: she kicked him off her and asked him why he would take advantage of a unconscious girl.

dronkidcatholic: he said that’s not what he was trying to do. he just wanted to smell her hair

lockupthesock: she called him a pervert, but she let him smell her hair anyway

dronkidcatholic: cause he was so good looking. and she told him “you’re pretty good looking, for a boy”

lockupthesock: he laughed, just as all good looking boys should when they recieve a compliement

dronkidcatholic: the girl took great offense at this; she asked him to take her home immediately

lockupthesock: he laughed again, except this time he followed it by saying “eat some custard from the puddle first”

dronkidcatholic: and as he stepped back he revealed a million custard puddles, each a different flavor. it should be mentioned that the pineapple cream one was the best.

lockupthesock: She ate to her heart’s content and then the boy took her home, as they walked home he told her about fevers and mirrors his favorite album by conor oberst.

dronkidcatholic: the simpleminded girl did not believe anything so wonderful could exist, so she went inside.

lockupthesock: she went inside, blissfully unaware, unaware of the boy who had slipped his own battered fevers and mirrors copy into her handbag.

dronkidcatholic: when she found it the next day she gazed into the mirror on the cd and realized how sad she looked

lockupthesock: she carefully removed the cd from it’s case, but as she went to put it into her cd player the cd fell and

dronkidcatholic: broke as she saw her own reflection also break into shards

lockupthesock: yes

dronkidcatholic: THE END


7 thoughts on “

  1. true, i’ve met xanga friends before. but this would be more strange. because it would. but good.
    your dialogue + obvious coolness shows signs of arsty disease. i enjoyed this post tremendously. my upper lip is twitching. i wish it were twitching from enjoyment, but it’s because i drank too much coffee whilst boycotting sleep last night.
    mmmm cure.

  2. absofuckinlutely excellent. i love it. almost as much as i love you šŸ˜‰ but not quite! cuz you’re the coolest ever yo!

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