i’m just going to bloody make a list today

*ahh itchy red scratches on my face because i bit my nails and now they’re a safety hazard

*laser tag for katelyn’s birthday. and my friend’s been saying what an easy free point i’ll be. you’d think they’ve never seen me move before, i tell you! granted i move really slowly. last time i got owned by a pack of 10 year olds. i think i might look for a corner to hide in instead this time. i sort of want to keep the present i got her for myself (“i had two heart attacks, an abortion, did crack while i was pregnant. other than that, i’m fine.”)

*damn father cancelled my art classes, i guess i’m getting a new teacher when he decides i’m dedicated enough to start again. how is creativity supposed to flourish when your parents are breathing over your shoulder forcing you to finish art homework

*art club running the french booth at the multicultural fair

*going to join ariel’s gay straight alliance club when it takes off

*yesterday exactly one month until school ends

*hope andrew will bring his guitar tomorrow so i can give madiha some bright eyes action. jamming. thing. really when you bring your guitar to school people expect you to rock out for them so i dont think i’m ready to bring my own yet. but maybe we can start a little group that tries to make music together. we’d be too amateur and humble to be called a band just yet

*i scoff repeatedly in the face of standardized testing


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  1. I scoff too.I am going your “group that tries to make music together”… when I learn how to play guitar.Have fun at the party, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that corner.I have similar red marks on me from serrated nails

  2. your old house is approximately 20 minutes away from my current residence. freaky deaky baby.
    i am so utterably horrible at laser tag. the last time i played was a couple of years ago and i chose to stay mainly at the base. everytime i went out i had no sense of direction and i’d just run into people and then run in the opposite direction.
    i scoff in the face of many things, among them standardized testing. and the grade nerds that enjoy it so much.

  3. Hey there!  I think my break is about to come to an end.  My four year old cousin is helping me realize alot of things.  Compton is not what it’s cut out to be.  I need to go to Escondido- where sanity can be found.  Yeah- there is no shame in short breaks!  I shall xanga now.

  4. bailstar and i had a meeting. actually we sit next to eachother in us history and have all kinds of talks all the time. but i decided to call this one a meeting, because well, the outcome was a mutual feeling that we should meet. in real life. like with our bodies across from eachother, you know how that “in-person” stuff is. anyways, yes. it would be weird and fun, and above all, ca-razy. and we all seem to like that kind of stuff.

  5. I would say that I like your site, but that would be the normal thing to say.
    So I won’t. I’ll just imply it by the fact that I just said I would have said it, but I didn’t actually say it. It’s just understood.

  6. Thinking back to what I just said, I thought I should actually say something about your site.
    I kind of like this song. Who is it?
    and ohhhh I just got the picture in the background.

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