back from what was no doubt the shortest break xanga’s seen. but these entries are sparse and of no substance so to you it wont be much different

is elefant pronounced like our elephant or el-eh-fahnt? well they are fanflippintastic

i feel spoiled-lately there are too many things i want [to do] that cost money. like go to CURISA! it helps that i cant do most of them. what, no it doesnt i’m confused. and tired, so long.

the beach ate my camera, i knew it was cursed.


5 thoughts on “

  1. haha talk about the shortest xanga break.  That’s for sure.  As for me…nah-  I am still redefining myself.  I am glad you liked my last xangas on my websites.  This Joe Fella you have never met is the lead singer of Static Lullaby.  I totally love him.  He is awesome.  Too bad his girlfriend is just as hot as he is. I think it’s pronounced ‘el-uh-faunt’  I don’t know.  They are good aren’t they  I’ll keep you posted on my xanga regression.

  2. i tried to xanga boycott… lasted matter of one day. maybe not even that long. evil anga and the league of compu-bots, always making me theirs! its shameful. but i like the kids, so i stay.
    you and ohio seem to get along very well. where did you used to live and what was it by?

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