so…oh that reminds me i sewed a belle and sebastian shirt. 29 months, going to take a well needed xanga break. commenting’s still alive

Currently Playing
Good News For People Who Love Bad News
By Modest Mouse


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  1. yayayay i love this song! and i love you too, cutie… no rissa is what a lot of ppl call me, it’s perfectly fine! i also have… about… 30 other nicknames, haha. everything from bob to milpy to riss…. goll. i hope you start writing again soon!!! i love your entries and comments, you’re awesome.

  2. I am going to take a well needed break from xanga as well.  Maybe when I come back it’s going to be brand spankin new and I will have redefined myself.  Until then I stil lay in the dark wanting light but it won’t be found.  Enjoy my last post.

  3. hurray for happy moods and bright eyes. yes, i am able to distinguish the voice of conor oberst now. roof lounging is grand! i hope you can manage. all i have to do is climb out my window and creep past my parents room at a reasonably dark hour. other wise neighbor ladies see and they tell my parents. we should be summer pen pals. i’d draw you weird pictures and tell you stupid stories.

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