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  1. i need to listen to bright eyes. it sounds like i’m being deprived of so much. as my third arm, i’m sure you would agree.
    my sister is demanding bacon. since when did anyone do an etiquette project on how to eat bacon? oh well, it’s bacon.

  2. hello my name is sarah and i was just wondering who sings this wonderful song? its really great and very cool site that girl has my hair cut lol but my hair is not that long. 

  3. cutting your own hair is cool, but i’m bored of it. i want to sit in a chair and have someone massage my head and razor it with the thingy. a razor? anyways, yes. i’m replicating kate moss’s pixy. it’s combed over in that photo so it looks different. it reminds me of a little boy going to church. he’d probably wear a tie. but i don’t wear ties. i will see if my friends can download me some bright eyes. i don’t have a download thing. it makes my computer wacko. i want to be peter pan.

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