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  1. your right about the curse words. i remember once when i was five and i called my dear old mummy a dummy. she got mad and i ran from her…lol. after i told her i was really calling her one of those puppet dummys and not the other kind of dummy. sorry i have once again filled your xanger with rubbish. good day sister!

  2. i’m just fortunate that my mother is not opposed to online shopping. and that she has an ebay account. the strokes concert is not until may 8, but i’ve been waiting for so long it seems! its painful almost. my mom still gets mad at me for saying ‘shut up’ and even sometimes ‘stupid’. i love kites. i need one. have a grand day. send my love to the asian peoples of the world for me. you know, if you ever have another meeting or something.

  3. thank you thank you, you’re quite a looker yourself. i just love tiny asian parents. i don’t know if yours are tiny, but anyways my asian friend’s grandparents live with her family and they are so small and cute and are always in bathrobes and slippers. they speak chinese and stay home all day and i can’t call her home phone because the grandma hangs up on me.

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