chillaxin. scary word. i dont know if the windows are warped on this page for different computers, sorry.

just the smell of the summer can make me fall in love
we go to the parties listen to the DJ’s
dance dance dance and go crazy
dance dance dance and go crazy

i’ve been hearing about ohio everwhere lately. i want to go back

i cant believe the calc final’s on tuesday. i’m going to go study right after this. let’s not kid ourselves, yesterday what started as me doing homework ended with colouring my whole pencil with a piece of broken lead. it did leave me with an accomplished feeling though.

this ziplock bracelet ‘pwns’-don’t worry i wont use that word again either-you all.


5 thoughts on “

  1. i’ve met some twice, and some once. and talked to some online. and i’m so going to the zoo with some tomorrow during our school inservice day. the zoo! with animals! animals, i know. crazy. thankyou for the triva.

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