what am i saying, i dont want any more friends i like mine with their cleverness and offbeat humor and non-drama-ness. way too many conversations in high school start with “who are you going out with”. hmm more contradictions to mull over


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  1. goodluck with your drivers ed thingy today d(^-^)
    so who are you going out with? im kidding and again i know what you mean…maybe this is also why i choose to have not many friends but 2. lol
    anthony joined the geek club….one down a million more to go…(^-^)/ yay for us!!!
    comments comments comments…long comments are nice…but not the too long of ones where you get bored and get see the ending to it…i never got one of these comments but it would be funny if i did.
    sorry if my comments are full of rubbish…i cant think of anything and say w.e!!! have a nice day…and spring break!!

  2. hooray for not feeling inclined to be social. who am i going out with? ROCK. oh wait, are you rock? and i’m roll and we’re going out? weird.
    um please don’t take me seriously. i’ve just had multiple pieces of cake.

  3. you’ll have an answer to that question if I have  anything to do with it… i.e. “I’m going out with my brother”… (and then you make out with me)

  4. huzzah for cool friends. most of the conversations around here start out with ‘so who do you think is hot?’ 😀 grand.

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