not that i dont love my friends in a creepy almost sexual way(feel speshal), but a lot of times (mainly just when i’m bored and everyone else is busy) i really want to branch out and associate with more people. it’s true, “a line allows progress, a circle does not” and i want to cut mine. but doing that’s not enough these days, you need other people to or else you’re just hanging there dejectedly waiting for them to meet you halfway. which is risky and in my experience fruitless. so i’m broadcasting it in hopes that one day i’ll meet someone who read someone who read someone who read this so we can go “yay, nice to meet you”.

“English pig-dogs! Go and boil your bottom, sons of a silly person. I blow my nose at you, so-called Arthur King, you and all your silly English k-nnnniggets. thppppt! thppt!”

i’m interested in the 80’s; going to ask maya to educate me


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  1. yes i do live in ohio, where there is a serious lack of asians. i can think of maybe 5. and a couple of people that are half asian.i think that the 80’s kids were depressed due to that they were spawned from hippies. we all know that hippies can’t discipline.

  2. well i always want to meet new people too….and if i had friends i would branch out from there too. but sadly i dont have many friends…but i guess this is good though because i hate all that stupid drama….i dont need it..its lame as hell. good day my dear xanga friend.

  3. just go up to someone and snog them unexpectedly. 😀 maaake frieennndss..or you can have other friends introduce you to peopleor you can stare at peopleand they’ll be like AUUUGHH STOP STARINGSONS OF A SILLY PERSON!well i stop here, perhaps.

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