i want to give a shout out to all the poor horses who sacrificed themselves for kindergarten macaroni projects.


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  1. my little pony……haha i remember those. sorry i was just thinking back….back in the day….the day when i could care less about certain things…poor little horses.i enjoy listening to this song on your xanga…my coco….i want coco…mmmmm =]good day my very cool friend…o(^.^)o

  2. a shout out to all the poor noodles that have been sacrificed for macaroni projects.  All of them could have been eaten…shame really

  3. oh thank you. she is doing quite well with her new bangs. they’ve adjusted nicely. i had bangs for a while as a kiddo, then last year they came back and now i don’t think i could do without them. partly because i have a wacko widow’s peak. like dracula. but gosh darnit let’s here it for bangs.

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