uhm. i found one of westview’s (to my xanga-friends that’d be my school’s) blogring. the description is..see for yourself:

REPP`N THA WESTViEW HiGH + H0LDiN iT D0WN iN THA 8[NiCKeL]8 OF SUNNY DAYG0 CALi .. w0lverinEzz` m0fcker` !.. haha wow theres actually al0tta ppl wh0o rep westview .. :)”

to the strokes who were here yest, i missed you, i hope you had a better concert than clay aiken


3 thoughts on “

  1. my mom (credit card holder) was in a good mood i suppose. you really should check out rufus. his album “poses” is so wonderful.
    my coco, i like. i had jenny stuck in my head yeterday and today. school blog rings are dumb. our school has one with only a million members. i browsed through the members and it was mostly annoying kids.

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