morn: got to school late
1st: hyper liz and i! love days like this. writing on arms
2nd: every day gets more mundane. we learned.
lunch: this band from another school(?) came to play. i got a cd it’s…useful for lining my wall. kim and i made this earphone into a necklace. i tell you, it’s genius we’re going to make a fortune. that’s all i’ll reveal we haven’t copyrighted it.
3rd: skits oh lord i will never get tired of brian and his “i’m gaining confidence as i advance”. ok it probably sounds pathetic to you but. hilarious. ramee back me up.
4th: someone said i had cool eyebrows. beat that!


4 thoughts on “

  1. yay for eyebrow compliments, that’s hott yo! eee i have the sneezies, *scrunches up nose and looks like a nerd* eeee.

  2. omg – i will SO back you up. i have no clue how he can say that with a straight face.i’m gonna start cracking up right now. i was gonna pee in my pants during humanities. -_-

  3. meeting xanga friends is ever so exciting! i wish that for you.
    i totally respect you and your eyebrows. i tell you, hardly anyone knows how to manage eyebrows these days! i can’t believe some of the mutilation that goes on.

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