why’s our spring break so far away.

in concert news: “list of fun things people with money would do while i watch paint dry”

Modest Mouse- march 22nd
The Strokes- march 30th
Aussie Invasion Tour- april 10th
Stellastarr*- april 29th
Coachella (exception)- may 1st/2nd
Belle and Sebastian- may 3rd

ouch, stupid entry only poured salt on the wound


3 thoughts on “

  1. now i feel bad…..knowing i will probably never see stellastarr* of the strokes. modest mouse…i want to see them. i heard they put on a really good show.
    i need a scanner or a digital camera to post pictures and im afraid i have neither….i have to talk my mom into getting me one of these.
    have fun watching paint dry…i shall be watching old movies…hooray for us? good day madam! ^.^
    sorry…i like to leave long comments….i hope this amused you. =]

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