strange time to make entry, nothing else to do. finally getting own computer which means smaller bed >< my room’s quite scanty. yest we were giving boy band stereotypes to those who happened to be sitting around and i got the deep gothy one. who probably plays bass if anything, writes lyrics, is ugly, has a ton of makeup and long hair in his face. incidently, all the blond people were the pretty boys who got underage girls. c’est la vie. “it’s avril lavigne’s world, we just live in it”. but i havent heard much about her recently so maybe there’s still hope yet.


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  1. hey deep and gothy is better than the pretty boys, bah. i love sunshine. i think i should get a mohawk. 😀 ciao yo.

  2. the pretty boys are the ones that get made fun of the most 😦 and then they get sad and get fat, and with fat comes terrible shame, and with shame comes terrible sadness, and with sadness comes terror. Terror leads to panic. Panic makes you do things you wish you didn’t do. like joining a boy band.

    THERE i verified it.

  3. thats nice your getting your own computer….i have a tiny room and the “family” computer is in my room. sucks for me…….but next year we might move so im hoping for a bigger room. haha deep gothy one. its better than being a pretty boy…..a pretty boy who plucks his eyebrows! =] okay im off…good day madam!

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