i’m in my nonchalant mood again. everything’s extremely boring, cant find anything to interest me for more than a few minutes. and i’m jealous of people who go and live life. it’s not as simple as waking up and saying “i’m going to live today”, if it was i’d bloody be doing it.

i feel puddly. not quite like this puddle though since it’s pretty and has substance


2 thoughts on “

  1. hah i feel the same about getting out and wanting to live. im jealous of those bastards that actually have something to do….i sit online all day. sad. that puddle is pretty…..=| in such a sad way. i like the new layout….its neat. word yo.
    good day.

  2. i spend more time staring at things and thinking about them than actually doing anything.
    just remember that all those life-livers have their days too. the way i see it, lots of people that go out and do stuff all the time do it because they’re not really satisfied and don’t know what they want. some people are searching and have fake happiness. 
    and i say this as i drink my tea and sit on my butt. haha. be happy.

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