lo dears, blegh i reek of perfume. ticketmaster is working my last nerve, i can never get through online and i though i found a store with a working machine they told me i had to pay like $100. but it’s not over until i say it is. hmm i got some plaid pants not from HT and stellastarr CD. towards the end katelyn and i went to the makeup counters and it was the first time i put on eyeshadow and liner and whatnot. also where i got soaked in perfume. twas educational and i looked like a hooker (see pic)and we only got shot dirty looks twice by the workers. overall impression: there was too much stuff at the mall i wanted, makes me greedy, should maintain safe distance from.

on a sidenote, i just got connected and have bought them <insert preferred exclamation of joy>. sounded rather ironic didn’t it


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  1. hey… tell me about it.  The mall just isn’t safe for people who have no money.  Schneikes!  I swear sometimes I wish I wish… I wish that I had… I had a pink pony that I could ride everywhere!!!  YIKES!  Well so much for sanity loss?  I can relate.  I love your hair!!!  Cute stuff.

  2. Wow.  I was just going to say ‘If that’s what you look like, I think you’re beautiful.’  But wow, was I beaten to the punch.  Now I just feel superficial, all because I wanted to give a compliment.  What a shame. 

  3. you are gorgeous….^.^ very very very pretty.
    i have been meaning to get that stellstarr* cd….is it any good? ive heard a couple tracks off of it…i liked what i heard.
    i too go to the mall and become greedy…= thats why i dont go as much as i did. ahhhh those workers dont know how to have fun….its all about putting the huge bras on your head. j/k…sorry im rambling. i like reading your xanga….you seem like such a neat person. fun!

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