i think i’ll just go to hot topic for some baggy punk pants i dont care much for but no wardrobe should be without. then everyone in there can stare at the asian kid . my bangs are getting longer too, i think i’ll try putting them to the side for that putting bangs to the side of your face look, i hear it’s very hot in europe. some fail proof, truly crap fashion tips from me to you.


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  1. i dont really care much for hottopic but they do have some really cool polka dot tights. =]
    i had my bangs to the side for the longest..but now they are short and uneven. or maybe they were uneven and now my hair is growing back.
    you my friend are very cool indeed. i shall post the pictures this weekend. anthony and i just need to start taking pictures now……have a very nice day pal. ^.^

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