after draining all the lotion off the face of the earth the peely-ness now only occupies a patch above my nose! time to break out the good champagne i think. i guess i’m also going to the aussie invasion tour with kimmianne. hah i dont think she likes the vines nearly as much as me but how awesome of her to remind me that we are going to see a band i love. i’m so elated, only a week left of new lessons to learn in calculus! there’s the hell weeks following that but it cant be as bad as it sounds right? watch those be my famous last words..


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  1. Oh the benches, the notorious benches…haha, I don’t know what I ment by that at all.  Oh well.My face is peely too!  I hate it so much, hopefully my skin will stop it’s bad behavior soon.  ok, goodnight

  2. Hey there-  It’s been awhile since I snogged.  So I’m snoggin now.  I just came back from Phoenix with some friends.  Two words.  Road Trip! Went to another concert there at the Mason Jar.  It was so so so good.  But not as good as Static Lullaby in West Hollywood!  It was so much fun!  I guess I have nothing more to write so I’m gonna go!  I’ll snog ya later!

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