i hope i can get my pretty tickets today. cant wait until lunch when i can binge on soups galore! i’ve only been to souplantation twice . then to the play with Bangers at one. need to finish my drawing for art, bye sweets.

one more thing, i have a mysterious rash/peeling thing going on on my face.


5 thoughts on “

  1. soup sounds really good right now. yum.
    lol i would be in that starbucks like everyday….haha.
    my life is pretty boring but i guess its okay. i dont really do much…..beebe is a lovely name too. cute. =]
    have a great day pal (^.^)

  2. haha i just found that picture on the internet, pretty cool. ahhh mysterious peelyness, eepers. buy my video, robot bust a move! call 1800dontbelame! WOOT! lallallalalala spice girls reunion concert with rapper guy spice aka graaaaavedigger. i gotta go potty. tooooodaloooo!

  3. skye’s right. hippos: grand.
    mm i like to dominate clubs/organizations. art club, you are mine. we had a project, it was to decorate concrete benches for our school’s “grove” or whatever it is. that was from last year. we marked out where the tiles and pretty things go this year. and maybe nest year we will see a finished bench, who knows.

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