liz’s dad got me a pretty pretty flag form london, cheers mate! speaking of liz we’re betrothed, woo! who else signs their letters “in hopes that your sleep was fullfilling and consummate, loverly yours, <insert name>”? what else is new…for art club we’re selling some stuff in an auction-no idear how that will go. woooow so many good bands playing here in the near future, around the time they’ll also be at coachella. aw belle and sebastian will be here the day after and i want to see them both times. these are times i wish i was absurdly rich. and had a car. and no school. (so many of them are at SOMA cory, what you said about it scares me, not enough that i wont go though)


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  1. So, you’re a fellow art club member?  Never thought I’d meet another.  cool!  So, are you going to coachella?  Because if you are, I am INSANELY jealous.  Have a good day!

  2. The art club of Hilliard Darby high school consists of me and about 2 of my friends.  That’s right, we keep it going

  3. it’s sad yet true what bailstar says.and yet when we have the art club yearbook photo taken each year, suddenly the membership exceeds 15.from my observations that you may have 4 total blogrings, and you appear to have 3, it is possible to join girls with boy hair. no pressure though, i understand that choosing blogrings is a highly personal experience. ha that sounded dumb. i wish i had money. i’d go to coachella and buy a giant ball pit.

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