i’m bored, ran out of charcoal..guess the celeb


5 thoughts on “

  1. hrm…lemme guess.  nah.  its a girl..i think…im assuming connor is not a sex-changed (or unsexed as Lady MacBeth would say it) guy-girl.  not connor.  some lady fair that you charked up from the recentest spin mag.

  2. you are talented. very talented. yes you are.
    omg i love your background….im going to take it. lol probably not but its so cool….conor such a cutie.
    that chick on my old profile kindve looks like me….its audrey tautou. i had my hair like that for awhile and everyone said it looked like me. lol my own brother was like im telling dad your posting pictures of yourself. oh no i dont go to an art school….but i have an art class. lol goodnight. have a very lovely weekend pal!!! (^.^)

  3. elefant is such a great great great great band. i really wanted to them but i already have my against me! ticket. maybe there will be another show…..at another place…..on another day. *sigh*julian casablancas……awesome. cute. wonderful.

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