feel very busy but that’s pretty pathetic compared to most of my friends who have to stay at school until 9, then homework. should i go to study night or guitar lesson..i may quit soon since i finished the last lesson book-so much easier than piano or viola (in the sense you can play lots of songs without knowing every bloody concept)-or maybe do some theory, though i’ll probably stay as far away from that as possible.

did a lot better on my sonnet analysis than expected, classes keep me up but they’re under control. can’t wait for this week to be over although it’ll only mark the beginning of a harder one. vicious circle.

are my entries different from before? feels like i’m writing to everyone i’ve met through xanga because you fine people com-ment but i’m obsolete to you guys who know me it’s ok we’re all sick of each other from school anyway


7 thoughts on “

  1. so what song is this on here? it is hot!! hehe i love reading your xanga and commenting. i don’t think anybody from my school reads mine anymore. but that’s ok. =D well have yourself a wonderful day!

  2. Wow thanks!  I’ve never been the top banana before. 
    So you play the Viola?  I play Violin, or at least I try-I’m not musically talanted, which also explains why I can only play one song on the guitar. 
    I like the music on your site.  I love in songs when guys sing high notes, I don’t know why but it makes me smile

  3. yeah well… you’re just a dead sexy beast 😉 hehehhe. yeah i hate not knowing who reads my xanga, it kinda creeps me out, haha. *dances to your music* WOO so fun. ok well i just went from hypey to tired. BYEBYEEEE!!!

  4. lol i thought i sounded pretty young and incompetent. your lipstick choice of color in your pro is quite charming…..it looks very lovely on your skin color. im going to post some pictures of myself later……i seem to keep saying this to people but never seem to get around to doing this. boredom isn’t good my friend…..no no no.
    let the people talk because if you try to be like them they still find something else to talk about…..<—-completely off subject. sorry pal.
    ahhh dont worry your friends sound like busy bees working for their hive. j/k (^.^)
    sorry for this rubbish i put. will end now.

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