baah i lost two pins today one being a conor oberst one that the place i bought it from doesn’t sell anymore. other than that, confusing first period, monotonous second, fun but short-lived lunch, dissapointing third, messy fourth but great day all the same. tomorrow for once i wont have to get up early for calc! i shall dye my hair again, it’s getting absurdly long

katelyn, “you are a rock and roll enigma”. it’s forever recorded in my xanga


2 thoughts on “

  1. ahh YES i can hear the song on your xanga! it’s awesome! :thumbs up: 😀 so how are you, supa cool friend?! haha sorry i was really tired and now i’m hypey. have a great night!!!

  2. of course you can do the whole alphabet thingy! in fact i encourage you tooo…..oh that sucks you lost two pins. i want a conor pin…never seen one of those before. sounds neat-o….i bet your hair will turn out nice.good day to you kid. (^.^)

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