i’m not a big journal writer so lately yes sparse. hmm i went to my third driving class, talked to someone depressed and made them worse (i wasn’t trying), finished book and am rested and ready to start school tomorrow. crissakes i’m a terrible cheerer-upper. i keep remembering how hugh grant was saying

“I’m the guy who’s really good at choosing trainers, or records. I can’t help you with real things, or anything that matters at least”

i complain that we eat tofu day in and day out so we go to 99 ranch and what do we buy? 4 packets of tofu, 2 cartons soy milk, and 2 avacado. then my mom got fried tofu at a restaurant. bon apetit 


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  1. You know what’s weird?  I watched About A Boy today.  Don’t worry, I suck at advice too.  Let’s start a support group, oh wait, no.  We’d be too terrible at helping eachother.  🙂  haha

  2. i got bored with my other name…and i had bastards reading my xanga who dont even like me. lol i was going to tell you i made a new xanger. who is this band playing on your xanga? its very nice……yeah the guy in the polo top making the weird face is my bf. haha ^.^

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