hahaa after art club today me and kimmianne made up this new tv show called art…something. sorry i dont remember but it had to do with art . shocking. you leave pieces of art (preferably not finished) in crazy places with a hidden camera and film the reactions of unsuspecting people. the trick is to run after them when you think they’re about to leave and tell them they’ve been A’d. (A for art-ed. producers are thinking of a better letter/verb as we speak) if not done in time this could go dreadfully wrong. me an julia left our drawings (no hidden camera though) when i went back to check mine was ripped up.

in other art club news we have a fundraiser tomorrow at islands.

oh and i have some very two-faced people at my table in ceramics. what a joy


3 thoughts on “

  1. hahaha that show maked me laugh to bits. tiny bits :Dstupid morons who rip up stuff. the art club posters were ripped up the 5th week into school.there be them jackasses in thew orld who have nothing better to do than be pissed off that they’re A-ed.
    personally, i’d be pretty happy if i was A-ed.then again, i’m not a jackass, i’m a wank.

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