yesterday was great fun, went to a restaurant where it cost me an arm and a leg but at least my mouth was intact to eat tiramisu. the atmosphere was great though, bar none. (nice decapitated pope head on the table) Although i told everyone to dress up, only kimmianne was gothic, maya was a hooker/fish (which have more similarities than i’m comfortable with) (“hooker maya, sounds like a barbie name!”) (imagine how many hooker references one could come up with, i blame it on the non-alcoholic alcoholic beverages), kari was from the 20’s, katelyn was hawaiian, allyx french (nice accordian, as long as kept far away from maya) and i MOD (but ended up very confusing hybrid of different stlyes). then saw a movie and went to art class.

as for my new classes (two) humanities sounds intimidating but it has potential to be fun, especially with such a great class. i will definately love ceramics but i wish i could say the same for the people in my class. madiha and i were joking that she was going to get the english teacher to call her by a botanical name (lately she’s very into trees) so i suggested shrub and she really did it. but now she has the problem of answering to “shrub” because she keeps forgetting.

found out how to play some ash songs, still need to go to driving school, volunteer, get past psat/sat to study from, but i just want to play with the stuff i got for my birthday.


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