i had a terrible encounter with reality today, damnit. i’m not getting into berkeley/standford/mit/etc and it’s ok. (i’m not feeling the ‘it’s ok’ part yet i’m just hoping it will dain to show up soon) i focused on calculus and frittered away my time so now i have a B in spanish and sucky PSAT scores. according to mr. subbiah’s numbers i wouldn’t get into UCLA or SD if i was a junior, and honors society is sooo far beyond my reach. i know happiness isn’t guaranteed by the best college but saying it over and over isn’t making me feel better. AND they look for people who are well rounded and crap so i might as well be a..a…sharp piece of glass. give me a break that’s the best analogy i could come up with seeing as i bombed that part on the PSATs. i also need to get some dumber friends because everyone i know pulls 4.0’s out of their hats which is not even a concern of theirs because in this day and age you need like 4.3. is it possible to get a 4.8 in 10th grade?! that girl was lying through her pearly white perfectly straight teeth if you think i’m jealous, you’re right.


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  1. Dont listen to your teachers. It was only the psat. My teachers always told me with that sort of thing that I would be a failure in life. I have been told that all my life by my teachers!!!! Just study real hard and do your best and if your the praying type then pray. If you do bad, take it again and keep taking it! Just do your best, you will get into the right school and the right career. The people that graduated with honors that I know are no where actually right now. So just do your best. Youll end up where you are supposed to be.

  2. oh BLAH, i hate all that crap. i am NOT looking forward to messing with college stuff…. i’ve been doing okay so far, but oh that’s right! i’ve only had one trimester of highschool! haha. the next few years i’ll prolly like fail and do horrible and GRAH. but i’m sure things will work out. really really. for both of us i mean. just keep thinking positive and don’t give up.

  3. After you find your song what do you do to get the url cuz everything I tried doesnt work. 😦 sadly I am not very smart in this sort of stuff lol. Thank you for helpin me though.

  4. 4.8 GPA but i bet she isnt a BEEBE.
    and that makes all the difference.if they graded on people’s goodstuff you be ride up there with them valedictorians.
    eh…i’m jealous of miss 4.8 too. makes me feel so. so… stupid. beh…

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