so yes it’s my birthday. but i’m sure you all pay close attention to my profile and have been eagerly awaiting today for weeks.
i got..hah two letters that made me misty-eyed, a keychain thing from someone i barely know, two pennies and a quarter from this girl who annoys me (i threw the pennies on the ground and another girl stole the quarter), a bag with union jacks from melissa who was going to give it to me anyway and it just happened to be my birthday, oh before i forget: *shakes fist* at katelyn who thinks it would be more “special” to give me the england present later. special my foot. a cartoon from kari, and cake from madiha’s birthday yesterday. man i love these random impromptu gifts! (really, tell people who you don’t know very well that your birthday is today and see what gifts they can find for you in their purse/bag) still have not planned the goings-on this weekend but i have some ideas.


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  1. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! haha my birthday wasn’t too fun… i hope yours was better than mine was. actually i just hope it was great. 😀 i’ll go make like a tree and get the hell outta here now. muahaha.

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