every day i run into more evidence that our generation is so…blah. sorry, this is a depressing entry but can be funny if you like laughing at the stupid. i’m not trying to stereotype Generation Y but you can’t really blame most people who do. for people who are (percieved as) old enough to drive, live on our own, have sex, get a job, we’re kind of pathetic (as a group that is, a lot of great people though-like you!). gah i just dont see how people my age can act like they’s so old.

ahhahaahaa! here’s something i heard in the loo today.

“i’m using a lot of big words today”
“you are?”
“yeah…uh wait – photosynthesis!”


“it’s indivisible? i always thought it was individual” (reference to pledge of allegiance)

sorry, my cynical side found it funny


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