apparently i’m viewed as not having any problems, specifically emotionally or personal, and no one could imagine getting in a fight with me. that’s nice.

do you feel shallow? i feel very much so at this moment for no reason. (has nothing to do with previous thought ^)

i wont embellish on either of these because here’s an emotional problem (!) i already think i’m writing too much about myself in my own bloody ‘journal’. more than this and i’ll feel self-centered and vulnerable and since it’s being emailed to so many people will just be boring whiny stuff that everyone’s sick of. so usually i just write facts, not thoughts did you notice? i know, you can make things private but the whole concept of these online journals are to share them so, eep i’m going to end this here *squeezes eyes close and clicks submit*


4 thoughts on “

  1. i used to use xanga for really being emotional and pouring out my feelings, but now i don’t cuz everyone reads it. so yeah. sometimes i feel shallow. other times i feel way too deep for any of my friends… oddness. but anyway, i found a couple bright eyes songs at it seeeems. but i’m not sure about that. k well have a niiiice day!

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