in my dreams there’s always a recurring place that i pass. the plots are different but this ‘thing’ appears and it always fits quite nicely into it too. it’s a small black store that has a long line of gothic-ish people standing outside and a person dressed like a skeleton that looks pretty damn real (except it’s a person…dressed as a skeleton). in the front there’s a sign that says “DEATH”. so when i pass it there’s always someone else with me and i ask them if they’ve been into it and i’m informed that it used to be a store but it’s a ride now. then i ask them if it’s scary and they always say “yes especially now since they’ve added the bird “.

as with all my dreams i await comments from the reader of what this means subconciously. will i step on a bird skeleton next time i leave the house?


5 thoughts on “

  1. it means you have a secret longing for skittles. or that you wish you would meet a wonderful kangaroo, and marry it. and people tell me i’m not good at telling what dreams mean…. muahahhaa i rule! šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

  2. longing for skittles…LONGING FOR SKITTLS?!!  no its the bloody sour starbursts that you’re in need of…obviously.  the drama in my life is becoming more dramatic..i like to think that my tabloids have reached a personal heightage due to the scandal.  is that why i have a headache?  no..must be the thought of school and returning and nevering coming out w/o millions of wounds. 
    ah well dang stupid

  3. ooh reallly? well wait, do both of us look similar to your friends, or just one of us? yeah i’m the one with the glasses…. and my friend kellie is the other one. but yeah we don’t live in ohio, so different ppl there, lol.

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