haven’t been doing much this winter break. if i keep this up i can kiss any sort of prolific future goodbye. learned to drive from dad this weekend, but still havent gotten around to going to that useless driving school   i drove home from the park illegally

only other thing is my parents aren’t going to buy meat anymore, to my pleasant surprise because i’d been trying to not eat any and this will be much easier. except i will still eat if it’s unavoidable say in social settings *glares at snobby vegetarians who make a scene*



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  1. haha. I try not to cause a scene im just like no thansk πŸ˜‰ and yay for driving, I think the worst thing about driving are streets the first time you go on a busy one because it seems like they’re going right at you haha. ❀

  2. you had fun over winter break…sheez louis…stupid calc i hate calculus.  bit o fun though over this break.  i hope you had a bit too.  my mom only likes chicken but thats a meat. any road lovey.  ive had a rough week because its been so bloody boring.  i should get kidnapped

  3. oohhh i love conor oberst. sooooooo awesome. and i’m a vegetarian too, so yeah. and i don’t make scenes, don’t worry. hah. k well have a nice night!!

  4. yeah, anytime i mention my vegetarianism to my friends, they just stare at me like i’m crazy, and move away as if they might catch it. hahaha yeah black rimmed glasses are totally way freaking cool. but i actually need mine to see. i’ve gotten blind w/out them. ok well happy days to ya!

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