i’m so bored and was relieved in a disturbing way that this quizzy is so long. i stole it from someone else, you know who you are bwahaha. actually, i dont know who you are so please tell me if you know.

Part One – Names
1. Your REAL Name: ahem
2. What friends call you: beebe, beesquared, beezer, aubergine, mookist, beebers, bees, beebs, beeble, and joe (not really)
3. What your (ex) boy/girl friend calls you: this question is not valid for losers like me
4. What’s a name you once wished you’d rather have?: i wished for beebe, now i am. it’s very simple. and lola was another one
5. What is/are the ugliest name(s) you can think of?: beth. it’s so….beth
6. What would you name these if you had them as pets?
turtle: speedy, c’mon, it’s a classic
goose: loosey goosey 🙂
a hot girl: i dun care jeez! esther or something, oh how it turns me on
a pirate: jacob
7. If there was a song about you, what would it be called?: “ultra violent” no reason, just sounds cool and cant think of one that’s really me at the mo
8. What would you name your kids?: probly wouldn’t have any? hmm, micah and oscar
9. What would you name a ship you built?: doh’ i dunno
10. If you wrote a book, what would it be called? dorsal fins and kookamunga

Part Two – Have you ever …
11. Thrown up in public?: yes great fun
12. Eaten or drank anything spoiled?: yes, not as fun as throwing up but…that usually comes with it doesnt it
13. Had a rip in your pants you didn’t know about?: well how would i know? there have been rips i knew about. these are such humbling experiences eh
15. Had to pay for something you broke?: dont recall this
16. Nearly drowned? felt like i have-friend’s evil mother thought she’d teach me to swin
17. Passed out?: once
18. Had a crush on somebody NOT single?: damn it, no. i was on a roll here too
19. Been stuck in the rain?: yes but not enough
20. Been attacked by an animal?: neighbor’s dog
21. Caught people having sex?: no, i’ve been lucky in that department
22. Fallen asleep while driving?: too lazy to sign up for classes
23. Felt attracted to someone of the same sex?: …felt attracted to a few people who’s sexes i wasn’t sure of
24. Actually slipped on a banana peel?: bwaha! no 😦
25. Made a wish that came true?: i think, perhaps in 6th grade cant remember what

Part Three – Complete the sentence
26. I once had a dream I was kissing ….cant remember any, aren’t enough of these either
27. I’m only racist towards …..i hope, nobody
28. I don’t even know why I’m so …..not asian yet asian
29. hot cross buns, one a penny two a penny hot cross buns
30. Nothing sucks more than headaches that occur….. in calculus
31. If I had six bucks I’d buy something that costs…..within 6 bucks…1/2 a CD OR that poster, but it’s $6.99 
32. It’s hot. I should take off my….. ?! boring question
33. It’s always more fun if you …..are drunk j/k. fun if you…are there
34. You can’t eat steak without ….. your mouth
35. You better shut up before I …..give you a super hug
36. Just put it on my …..big head
37. I really like you and everything ….. unless you like rap
38. I’m not who you think I am. I’m really a ….. homosexual man trapped inside a girl’s body
39. Dude! Where’s my ….. mp3 player?

Part Four – What would you do if…
40. A dirty old guy at the airport slaps your ass?: keep walking (a bit faster). happened in middle school once D:
41. You witness somebody about to steal your car?: if it’s one of the cars i want now, kill him/her
42. You wake up with a billion spiders crawling all over you and your bed?: hmmm tempting to stay in and have a pajama party but i’d jump out and get my mom
43. You farted while giving a persuasive speech in class?: laugh
44. The person you just kissed tells you they have oral herpes?: i must really like them, so keep kissing and then run to a hospital
45. A genie lets you have three wishes?: 1. happiness to everyone 2. be in the rockingest new band 3. more intelligence. sorry, how un-beauty pageant of me
46. The government allowed you to choose one thing to be made illegal and one thing to be legalized? uh, peer pressure should be illegal, and stalking should be legal! as long as it doesn’t go beyond stalking
47. Britney Spears was at your front door asking for jumper cables?: tell her i dont have any but that should be the least of her problems
48. You had a time machine?: definately, been nicer to kaleb ><
49. FOX gave you a half hour show to do whatever you wanted?: hmmm teaching people how to become a hipster

Part Five – Would you ever …
50. Would you rather find the cure for cancer or the cure for AIDS?: AIDS
51. Would you rather have the power to fly, or the power to teleport?: teleport, no contest
52. Would you rather have the power to see the future, or the power to record your dreams?: dont i already have the power to do that? write down my dreams…well definately not seeing the future
53. Would you rather be really skinny, or really fat? really skinny, healthier and i guess media’s gotten to me
54. Would you rather be lost in a forest, or stuck in a box?: stuck in a box, long as there’s air
55. Would you rather be in a drama movie, or a comedy?: comedy
56. Would you rather be in a hip hop video or a rock video?: ha! rock
57. Would you rather have your birthday on Christmas Day, or on February 29th?: february 29th! better conversation starter, age slower
58. Would you rather live in the sewer, or in Afghanistan?: sewer
59. Would you rather be in a mental institution or in a penitentiary?: mental institution; interesting people, less violent, sort of. lobotomies!
60. Would you rather snow board or hang glide?: hang glide weeeee
61. Would you rather be a ninja or a pirate?: pirate they always scare me

Part Six – What first comes to your mind with these words..
62. Courage: being different
63. Driver: driving school?
64. Yoga: i want to learn
65. Bakery: pastries, danishes
66. Roach: papa roach
67. Mushroom: yummy stuffed mushroom caps
68. Sprung: slinky
69. Exotic: malaysia
70. Pythagorean: theorem -_-

Part Seven – Miscellaneous
71. Construct an acronym for these words. (example: G M S = Give Me Steak )
a. S O L R A C: so only little reindeer are cute
b. D A N G E R: did anyone near grapes eat reeses
c. C H I N A: crickey, he’s in nick’s abdomen
d. R P G: role playing games no no uh…really purple glasses -O-O-
72. What is your definition of love?: bond stronger than friendship that always exists
73. List 3 words that are clues to identifying a person you are currently interested in: pretty. much. nonexistent. but i’ll humor you and let’s say there was…creative, beautiful, insane
74. Reveal a secret about you that nobody knows of, but type it in acronym form: SIMIM
75. Close your eyes, turn around, and then open them: yes?
76. Were you too scared to do it? …why would i be..
77. Who or what is your worst enemy?: sickness/bad health
78: Who is the last person you kicked?: elizabeth 😦 on accident
79. If you had to be a chess piece, which piece would you be?: a bit too metaphorical for me right now
80. Name three people you know whose names begin with the last letter of your first name: elizabeth, emily, e….lise? G would have been harder
81. What’s one romantic thing somebody’s done for you?: shh, mum’s the word. but it was years ago
82. If you had to break one of your bones, which bone would it be?: left hand finger

Part Eight – Whats your counter argument
83. “Guys want nothing but action.”: you need to make some better guy friends
84. “Only idiots watch The Simpsons.”: yeah probably. let’s all be idiots
85. “Kentucky is way better than Cali.”: it could be, i would disagree but Cali…eh let’s just move to new york
86. “There’s nothing wrong with stealing.”: if you steal, dont steal from me 
87. “Alcohol is the answer to ALL your problems.”: aww i’m sorry, do you want to talk about it?
88. “You don’t need to go to college to be a brain surgeon.”: oh. how scary.
89. “Music is stupid.”: i suggest you run. now. i mean it.
90. “Your car sucks.”: hey i have a car?! cool i dont care.

Part Nine – prediction
91. Predict who the first person is that will leave a comment in your box: alas, nobody


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