hope reading this kills some time for you, i had 10 minutes of pure fun filling it out.

last cigarette: my previous life as…<insert someone dead who smoked a lot>
last car ride: 4 hours ago
last good cry: none that was recent enough for me to remember
last library book checked out: anna karenina, just renewed it. now only about 4 more renewals until i finish

last movie seen: school of rock, so long ago 
last book read: that last SWEEP book
last cuss word uttered: dont remember, according to the track record, damn, hell or bloody
last beverage drank: orange slice
last food consumed: pringle
last crush: aahhhaahaa stupid 8th grade. i’m still trying to erase all evidence of that year
last phone call: with liz on saturday
last tv show watched: surprise, gilmore girls
last time showered: today
last shoes worn: uh, yeah those ones..with the things
last cd played: strokes room on fire, i know, been listening to it for a month
last item bought: i’ve been wasting so much money 😦 uh ribbons/cloth to make union jack and graphing calculator
last downloaded: smashing pumpkins 1979 or some year like that
last annoyance: this relative that’s not my relative *hint*
last disappointment: this jacket disappointed me
last thing written: address of this store i was looking for
last key used: oh wow i live in almost a key-free world. someone else always opens the key-needed obstacles, must be a gift
last word spoken: uh quite a while ago too. probably ‘ok’
last sleep: last night. dunno how colourful of an answer that would get you
last im: someone said, “you?” after i asked them something.                        last sexual fantasy: a dish ran away with a spoon
last weird encounter: uh, dad followed me closely in the shop for a while before i realized it was him
last ice cream eaten: vanilla, but not enough. is it ever?
last time amused: in british shop. amusing all around 
last time wanting to die: maybe right when i was about to be born?
last time been in love: the last question was hard but i cant even answer this one
last time hugged: today
last time scolded: yesterday doing calculus or something. we’ve all been there
last time resentful: last week
last chair sat in: hard to beleive, but i’m not hovering in the air while typing this. i’m sitting in a chair!
last lipstick used: in 8th grade? but that was lipgloss. once again, evil 8th grade does weird things to you
last shirt worn: vines t-shirt
last time dancing: uhhurgaph
last poster looked at: ahhh one of vines and of the who. there was a big marilyn manson poster right beside the vines so it could’ve been that but i forgive him. people are powerless before the vines
last show attended: G.C.
last webpage visited: the website where i got this 


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